Welcome to the greatest but the toughest One Loft Race in the UK & Ireland.

The race is run by a family of pigeon fanciers and was formed in 2013, the loft manager is Gary Tomlinson assisted by his wife of 36 years Annette Tomlinson and the third member of the team is Robert Tomlinson their son, the team pride themselves on getting results but to achieve this the team have to give 100% everyday, many entrants have entered birds in this race for 5 years now so it is clear to see that the team work hard for the fanciers.

The Ultimate In One Loft Racing!

The loft is situated in Blackbrook a small village located in the heart of Derbyshire, the loft is 120 ft. long and has 12 x 10 ft. sections which are identical there is an aviary to the front of the loft which is very important, the loft was expertly built and erected by Matt Fretwell of Ecco Lofts.

The race is sponsored by Vanrobaeys and Astbury Pigeon Supplies, these two companies have sponsored the race since it was founded and are very committed to supplying the best feed and supplements available.


The race is open to everyone but the team do cap the entries at 700 so they can personally give 100% to each entrant, the loft is open for entries from 10th February and closes on the 20th April each year. The cost to enter is £500 for a team of 3 birds and all the birds are activated, there is no restriction on how many teams each fancier can enter, since the race was formed over £340,000 has been paid out in Prize Money.

The race series consists of 5 hot spot races and then the final from Falaise in France, the birds are convoyed by Who Dares Wins and the birds are liberated on their own to produce a true champion, they do-not use any outside convoyers and are not transported by any other organisation. When the race series is over the birds are then auctioned off on this web site with the fancier/owner receiving 50% of the monies their bird is sold for.


Who Dares Wins