March 15, 2020

15th March

Evening all, the weather for most of the day has yet again been terrible, rain rain and more rain but we still had a job to do.

We had birds arriving from very early this morning, first to bring us 6 real beauties was Darren Hartshorn from the Wayside Lofts Syndicate, Darren has been a great supporter of our race and he set a record in 2017 he had 9 birds in the final and timed all 9 such is the quality he houses, next was my good friends Simon and Amanda from the Walton & Liversey Syndicate who bought 12 absolute belters, again both Simon and Amanda have supported us very well now for a number of years, they are two down to earth fanciers much like myself what you see is what you get, next we had Ken Chapman bring his 3 crackers for the Harbro Rowdies Syndicate, I first met Ken a few years ago in Portugal again a real nice chap who is down to earth, we had a team of three nice babies for the Beechdale Bombers Syndicate this syndicate is new to our race this year, Jim Watt bought along his syndicates three beauties for the 4 Fat Ladies Syndicate, another new entrant for 2020 the Luna Lofts Syndicate bought two of his team and what a cracking couple they are, Niall Bowker bought along three crackers for the Broomhouse Bombers Syndicate, in 2019 Niall entered three birds and he had all three in the final and finished a very creditable 28th Open, then local fancier Stuart Bellamy bought two toppers to complete his team of three, Stuart won the ACE Pigeon in 2014, again many thanks to everyone for supporting WDW.

A few photo’s of some fanciers who bought birds to-day.

Remember Who Dares Wins

Gary, Annette & Rob

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