March 20, 2020

20th March

Evening everyone, not too bad of a day just a little breezy, the older birds have had another look around and the others have continued their education.

I would like to clarify so there is no misunderstanding with what I said in yesterdays interview, first and foremost I am confident that our final race will be from Falaise, the only thing which may change is the final race date, we may have to put it back two weeks because we have extended the closing date for entries, this has been done because we hope that France, Holland and Germany lift the ban on transporting birds to the UK, we have fanciers from Denmark, Germany Romania and Holland all wanting to send birds to our race. There is no doubting its a difficult time for us all but we have to keep going, the main thing is that WDW 2020 One Loft Race will be going ahead as planned, its out of our hands is the authorities stop us going to France, as soon as I know anything then you will all know as well, as I said in the interview we do have a back up plan in place.

We had six beauties this morning bought to us by Ash who travelled over from Crewe, these were for Milly’s Loft alias Mick Mellor better known as Mr Dundee, thats all of Mick’s birds now in the loft, Ash also bought 3 belters for his own syndicate Luna Cliff Lofts, this afternoon the maestro Steve Williams bought 3 absolute crackers for the One Eyes Syndicate, in 2014 Steve won 2 hots spots but should have won three his bird was first on the landing board but not through the traps, Steve is a great bloke and works tirelessly for the sport, he has supported us in everything we have tried to achieve, there is no better club man anywhere or clock setter.

Remember Who Dares Wins

Gary, Annette & Rob

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