March 22, 2020

22nd March

Hi everyone, its been another very busy day, all the birds have done there stuff between people delivering birds to us.

We had Chris Watts bring his six crackers for his own Syndicate plus 1 beauty for the Leicester Foxes 1 Syndicate and 2 crackers for the Leicester Foxes 2 Syndicate, the Leicester Foxes Syndicate entered just one team last year, I think all the lads came to the final and really got the bug, they had a cracking day out, this year they have doubled their team and so has Chris, thanks guys for the support especially Chris who is the co-ordinator, later this morning we had Colin Bradford & Bob who are both in their 80s again they come from the Leicester area, Colin was the first fancier to enter our race back in 2014 and he is still with us to-day thanks for the support Colin, he races under the Osga’s Syndicate, Colin is a superb club man and one of the old school, Bob entered last year by purchasing 3 venture birds, he had two birds in the final of which one finished 59th Open, Bob Syndicate is Oakleigh, he has again purchased three ventures for his 2020 entry, thanks Bob for the continued support.

We have more birds arriving tomorrow and throughout the week, myself and Rob will be busy tomorrow vaccinating another 300 this vaccination is very important, trust me.

Remember Who Dares Wins

Gary, Annette & Rob

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