September 22, 2019

22nd September

At last all my work is finally done, the auction list and photos have been sent over to, the auction goes live on Thursday 26th September, you may be able to view the pigeons before then on RPIauctions .com.

There is 100 birds up for grabs all of which have been tested to the extreme, only 320 birds liberated on their own in France and being asked to fly nearly 300 miles on the hottest bank holiday weekend recorded in history, its important to remember these athletes did it alone, WDW were the only organisation racing from France that weekend, these birds I guarantee will strengthen any stock loft, fanciers pay thousands to purchase top stock then send their youngsters to one loft races.

1st, 2nd , 3rd & Ace Pigeon in WDW Final 2019 absolute class

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