March 24, 2020

24th March

Evening everyone, its been another glorious day at WDW to-day, the birds really enjoyed themselves, the latest intake are responding well to the whistle and the health of the babies could not be better at this time, its a shame we cant say that for the rest of the country/world.

I would now like to put all in the picture regarding our final race, if we are not allowed to race from France then we will turn the birds North and our Final will be from Elgin in Scotland a distance of approx 332 miles or there abouts, REMEMBER this is only providing we cannot race from France. If the authorities have not decided this by June 20th which is when we will be starting training then we will start training the birds North and select four race points North for the Hot Spots.

The other possibility is that we may have to put the final race back 2/3 weeks because we have extended the closing date for entries to 10th May to try and allow us to bring in the continental birds, however I doubt this will be possible as the UK is now on shut down, these are very difficult times for us all but we have to keep going.

We did have a cracking group of six babies come in to-day for the Them Over There Syndicate, all six bombed through the traps.

Remember Who Dares Wins

Gary, Annette & Rob

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