March 25, 2020

25th March

Hi everyone, another superb day at WDW, the birds were put through their paces then given a nice warm bath, this good dry weather is really bringing them on.

We had a cracking team of three come to-day from the Potteries Syndicate of Neckenders, Les Adams bought the birds to us, Les is the co-ordinator of the syndicate and a superb supporter of our race, early afternoon we had three belters come down from Martin Mitchell in Scotland for the Hawk Dodgers Syndicate, all the birds were vaccinated and rocketed through the traps.

I have been informed by Mark Walker that the No1 in couriering birds is operating as normal however you have to place your booking on-line, we have 10 different lots being delivered to us by Walkers in the morning so its gonna be a very busy day.

Montage of 2019 Winners expertly done by top photographer Chris Sutton.

Remember Who Dares Wins

Gary, Annette & Rob

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