Race Rules

1. The Race Is Open To All

2. All Races on land will close at 10.00pm on the day of liberation

3. The Final Race from Falaise will close at 8.00pm on the 2nd day after liberation.

4. Live Benzing Electronic Timing will be used on all races.

5. Any Dispute will be settled by the committee, e.g Loft Manager, Convoyer, Admin Secretary plus Assistant Admin Secretary.

6. Venture birds will be available for purchase by anyone at £200 each before Hot Spot 3, before Hot Spot 4 cost is £300, before the final cost is £400.

7. All birds will be vaccinated with Colombovac PMV vaccine upon arrival at the loft.

8. The loft manager would like all birds to be aged between 35 and 40 days old before coming into the loft.

9. Entry Fee is £200 per bird or £500 for a 3 bird team all 3 birds will be fully activated

10. There is a £50 deposit required per team entered this is non refundable, or you can pay the balance in full.

11. All birds entered by each syndicate must be transferred in the ownership of G&A Tomlinson, Chapel Farm, Plains Lane, Blackbrook, DE56 2DD, Loft number DY1453.

12. All birds left in the loft after the final race will be auctioned off with monies being split after expenses 50/50 between Who Dares Wins and the Owners, all birds being sold must be accompanied with a pedigree/details or Who Dares Wins will retain all monies.

13. Pools are 50p,£1,£2,£3,£5,£10,£5 Nomination which is unlimited.

14. Pools for the final race are £2,£3,£5,£10,£50,£100, and £30 Nom which is Unlimited.

15. Pools are available for all races and will be paid out 1 in every 10.

16. There will be a 10% admin charge deducted from the total pools entered in all races.

17. Birds accepted into the lofts from 1st of February 2020 until 20th April 2020.

18. The loft manager will reserve the right to alter/cancel liberation sites at any time, the welfare of the birds will be his priority.

19. All prize money will be calculated upon fully paid entries.

20. To win the Ace Pigeon the bird must have been to all 4 Hot Spot Races plus the final race and be timed in Race Time

21. No family member or anyone assisting with the daily/weekly running of the loft will be allowed to participate.